Sourcing / Supply

Sourcing / Supply

Are you looking for a particular part? Can’t find it? Let us know.

Over the years we have collected an extensive knowledge of suppliers both locally and globally which allows us to source almost any component sometimes with very minimal information to work with.
Anything from custom made springs, small and large run machining operations, electronic components and specialist raw material supply.

Need a small prodution run or fabrication done for a new product in development. We can help. With our relationship with many machining and development workshops we are able to distribute work in such a way that no one company has access to the entire product. With each supplier only operating on a specific component this assists with maintaining the confidentiality of the design.

Some examples

A customer approached us to locate a specific electronic controller for an industrial airconditiioning system that they had installed in various locations. Very little information was available however we managed to locate the item required and have it delivered withing 2 weeks allowing the customer to complete there contract within the timeframe required.

Another customer had a very old but good industrial lathe that required new drive belts. With the machine having no manufacturer marking or designations and the belt being worn beyond any possiblity of it being able to be used as a sample we where up for a challenge. Our agents were able to locate the belt very quickly and get the customer back up and running.

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