CKC Equipment: From Kerbs to Global Expansion, Building Solutions Since 2002

Born from a simple yet ingenious solution – the Contractor’s Kerb Cleaner – CKC Equipment has been building a legacy of innovation for over two decades. Founded in 2002 by Mike Stratford-Smith, our story is one of continuous progress, evolving from a local problem-solver to a trusted partner for construction professionals across the globe.

Early on, we recognized the need for reliable, efficient tools. 2004 saw the birth of our custom-fabricated drag brooms, catering to the specific demands of road construction. Just a year later, we unveiled our in-house developed Pipe Cut and Bevel tools, tackling another common challenge head-on.

But our reach soon extended beyond Australia’s borders. In 2006, the Contractor’s Kerb Cleaner found its way to international customers, marking the start of our export journey. This spirit of expansion continued in 2011 when the groundbreaking Pro Kerb extrusion kerbing machine became a sought-after solution worldwide.

The year 2010 marked a shift in leadership, with Tim Stratford-Smith taking the helm and propelling CKC Equipment further into the global arena. Strategic partnerships like the one formed in 2012 with FlangeLock LLC in the USA cemented our position as a leader in innovative solutions to keep hydraulic equipment contamination free, with us becoming the first international distributor for their revolutionary FlangeLock tool across the Oceania region.

By 2014, regular imports and exports of our own equipment and tools were commonplace, solidifying our reputation as a reliable partner in the global construction scene. We haven’t simply focused on growth, though. Between the milestones lies a constant dedication to improvement. We refine existing products, explore new designs, and expand our service offerings, ensuring our customers have access to the best possible solutions and support.

Today, CKC Equipment stands as a testament to the power of ingenuity and dedication. We are a team of passionate individuals, driven by a commitment to building smarter and helping others do the same. Whether you’re a local contractor seeking a specific tool or an international player looking for a reliable partner with a global reach, CKC Equipment is here to empower your next project with innovative solutions and expert service.

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