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The latest in kerb (curb) and channel machine technology features no mechanical gearboxes, simplified maintenance and operation with a higher quality end product all while completing the job quicker.

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Our onsite research during direct comparison testing between the Pro Kerb kerbing machine and the Arrow 770 kerb machine has provided the following results:

  • Production speed is 1/3 to twice as fast – advances of up to 140mm per stroke
  • Due to being able to use a wetter mix a denser stronger kerb and channel is created
  • Kerbing can be reinforced with steel rod simply by feeding the rod through the machine
  • Tighter radius kerbs and channels due to the machine being shorter
  • Quieter operation as engine only needs low revs increasing life as there is no clutch

With the Pro Kerb hydraulic kerbing machine changing moulds and performing maintenance is no longer a tedious, labour intensive job.  The process for changing the mould is simple. Remove a couple of bolts holding the mould in position and then slide the mould out of the way.  Lift up scraper plate from its mounting position and then lever the pusher plate out of its mounting holes.  Reverse the procedure to install the new scraper, pusher and mound.  Mould change is now complete.

* Complete mould and profile change can be done in under 5 minutes *

For a full list of features and advantages please read the list below.

  • Can lay kerb below road level next to an existing road surface without the requirement to dig a channel for the entire machine
  • Much simpler.  No gearboxes, clutches or other such mechanical items
  • Shorter body – tighter radiuses, better turning and less space taken on truck
  • Ease of access to engine and ram cylinder.  Engine slides out after removing 1 bolt
  • Built-in chain for towing across gullies, guard to keep measuring tape and other items on top of the lid
  • Ability to feed reinforcing rod through ram and into kerb as you go – no steel fixers required
  • Owing to linear action and tighter clearances a wetter mix can be used resulting in a denser kerb due to better compaction
  • Slides easily replaced externally
  • All hydraulic components work at less than 1/3 of their rated capacity and are easily obtained
  • Oil is filtered, the breather has a filter and the oil filter has a gauge to indicate back pressure.  In the tank is a magnet made especially for hydraulic tanks
  • The tank has a shut off valve in the event a pipe connection has to be broken
  • The tank is baffled preventing a ‘hot path’ from filter to suction and the air space has little surface area and volume to combat condensation. The machine itself is a heat sink
  • Quieter operation due to reduced rpm
  • All hose connections easily accessible as are all other components
  • Simple controls
  • Owing to linear instead of cyclic action there is less of a “Jump” as the machine moves smoothly greatly reducing the tooling required to remove the marks that indicate pushing cycles
  • The tiller steering is height adjustable and has a transport position taking requiring less space and less chance of damage


Need a new kerbing machine?  Look no further as we have the machine for you

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